Suppliers of GC Biotech

Do you need the best supplies for laboratory equipment? The suppliers of GC Biotech provide the scientific world with incredible and genius equipment to help cope with mundane tasks or other things that need extreme precision to be executed. The GC Biotech suppliers are companies that can aid with the study of genes and other biological or biomolecular processes are plenty. Names like Bioline, BiOptic, Grenova, Bionex, CleanNA, Dynamic Devices, Denovix and LGC Genomics are brands that produce high quality laboratory tools, reagents and other applications.

A lot of work can be reduced by the help of GC Biotech suppliers like Bionex. This company makes plate and vessel handling seem easy. Or what about Denovix that has sensitive fluorometers and spectrophotometers to analyse proteins and other molecules. There is Grenova who found a way to revolutionize the lab by developing consumables that can be reused. Dynamic Devices is a manufacturer that produces top quality liquid handling machines. BiOptic is specialized at creating instruments that can detect small particles. CleanNA supplies us with their useful kits based on magnetic beads for analytical purposes. LGC Genomics is able to provide the scientific community for gene studies with state of the art laboratory equipment. Bioline is specialist in making products that help with drug discovery, cloning, stem cell research and the study of diseases like cancer. These suppliers distribute their wares via GC Biotech to make it easier for researchers to get what they need.

Products for genomic studies

The GC Biotech suppliers provide the market with applications and products which are very useful for the serious scientists amongst us. For example Grenova is good at waste reduction and getting rid of biohazard materials at low costs. Companies like CleanNA excel at making RNA and DNA isolation kits. Researching things like biological markers, epigenetics and proteins become very easy with their method. Bioline helps with helping you get all the high throughput items, the reagents, nucleic acids and NGS library preparation tools you need in order to produce high end results. So get the items you want from these suppliers at GC Biotech’s store.

Analytical devices for research

There are also products in the store of GC Biotech that can help with the analyses. Our suppliers like LGC Genomics provide ways for forensic research. Biotechnological companies can use it for diagnostic purposes. They give usefulf services as well. The safety, security and health are very important standards by which they make their analytical devices. BiOptic distributes instruments that can be used for DNA, protein, fluorescence immunoassays and the study of carbohydrates.

Furthermore there are the Nucleic Acid Isolation applications in the webshop.

Automated laboratory

A couple of automated laboratory machines that GC Biotech suppliers distribute are incredibly useful. These are used for optimization of laboratory processes. They are robust and very easy to handle. It provides innovative solutions for researchers. For example Denovix has cell counters, spectrophotometers, special modules such as FX module and more devices like the dsDNA or the QFX. Bionex on the other hand has products like the level sensing systems, liquid handling robots, centrifuges, automation platforms, engravers and what not. These applications are very helpful if one wants to speed up work.


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